Daxtra's SOAP services are described by WSDL 1.1 (W3C, Wikipedia) and can be found here:

This document is a brief, informal description of the operations that this web service provides. They are mostly related to CV (resume) or vacancy (job order) document processing.

See also Daxtra XML Schemas.


Click on the operation name for more details.

ConvertCV Converts any document from its native format (Word, PDF etc) to plain text
CreateAccount Create an account that can use this web service
InstallLists Install a screenout or skills list for a given account
PDF2Word Process any PDF document to Word (.doc)
ProcessCV Parse a resume or CV document (e.g. Word, PDF) and return an XML profile
ProcessJobOrder Parse a vacancy document and return an XML profile
ReformatCV Reformat any CV into a Word document with custom structure and styling
RetrieveLists Retrieve one of the lists previously install by InstallLists


The following illustrates extracting an XML profile from a resume and printing it using the ProcessCV operation of the service, Perl and the CPAN module SOAP::WSDL. First, we create some classes from Daxtra's WSDL file by running the program (provided by SOAP::WSDL).

> -b .

Then we write a script that uses one of the generated classes (MyInterfaces::CVXtractor_Service::CVXtractor_Port):

# Read a resume file and encode the data into base-64.
use MIME::Base64;
open FILE, '<:raw', 'cv.doc';
$base64 = do { local $/ = undef; encode_base64(<FILE>) };
close FILE;

# Invoke the ProcessCV operation of the service.
use MyInterfaces::CVXtractor_Service::CVXtractor_Port;
$service = MyInterfaces::CVXtractor_Service::CVXtractor_Port->new;
$escaped_xml = $service->ProcessCV({
    document_url => $base64,
    account      => 'my_account',

# Unescape the profile and print it.
use XML::Entities;
print XML::Entities::decode('all', $escaped_xml);

Reporting Problems

If you encounter any problems with the web service, please send a report to support, marking it for the attention of the SOAP/WSDL team. Please include a brief description of the problem and include sample copies of documents used.